Reach new heights with us
We help our clients to solve a wide range of tasks by providing audit and consulting services.

Our team consists of diversified specialists, ready for any challenges and acting in accordance with their values.

We develop a collective space based on the principles of socio-cultural diversity, where nobody's efforts will go unnoticed and everybody's opinion will be heard.

Here you will become part of a professional community and be able to build a successful career, choosing the path that suits you.

IQT Teams

  • Assurance Team

    We help our clients to improve their external financial reporting systems, adapt to new regulatory requirements and standards, improve the stability and efficiency of corporate governance procedures, and achieve social and economic objectives in the area of corporate business responsibility.

    Business areas

    • Audit of financial statements
    • Audit of financial and industrial companies
    • Analysis and risk control of financial and industrial companies
    • Business process and systems analysis
    • Corporate governance and sustainable development
    • Rendering educational services to clients
  • Tax and Legal Services Team

    We help our clients to adapt to changing market trends by creating advanced business models, transforming product lines and creating new value propositions. And we are uniquely positioned to build systems that underpin business growth.

    Our consultants help our clients to improve efficiency by optimalization and restructuring of various functions.

    Business areas:

    • Legal advice and documentary support on various inquiries and directions;
    • Legal and tax aspects of business creation, mergers, acquisitions and restructuring transactions, etc;
    • Due Diligence;
    • Conducting and consulting services in the field of accounting, keeping personnel records;
    • Tax consulting (legal entities and individuals);
    • Building an effective tax function
    • Transfer pricing
Starting positions
One of our primary goals is to create a strong professional team by attracting young promising specialists.

Starting positions in our team are a great way to start your career at the final stage of education, to get invaluable experience working on real projects, to understand the specifics of different business sectors, to see the work of the largest company from inside and to become a professional in various fields.
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For experienced professionals
For experienced professionals
Our career approach embodies who we are - a community of professionals solving our clients' problems.

Career development here depends only on objective factors. Each employee, regardless of position or department, is promoted the moment he or she is ready to take on a new level of challenge.
Become a professional
You can be a yesterday's graduate, ready to start your career and learn something new, or an experienced professional, ready to take the next step in your career. Our company is the right place for you to learn something new or share your expertise.
Grow Every Day
Our world is changing rapidly. These changes force us to learn and gain new experiences. We're here to support your development by sharing what we've learned with you.
Work as a team
We believe that the most important tasks are best accomplished together. When you join our team of professionals, you'll find that new skills and perspectives can significantly broaden your horizons and maximize the benefits for our clients, our employees and our communities.
Follow Our Values
While we may have different experiences and perspectives, our values define our purpose, our choices and our behavior. You will become part of a community based on respect for one another and a corporate culture within which you can feel like yourself and achieve more

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IQT team has been working in Belarus since 2010 and was a part of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited network till August 7, 2022.